Natural strength training - TOME 1 - Theory and strategy.

Natural strength training - TOME 1 - Theory and strategy.

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Author: P. Wolf
Length: 124 page(s)
Written: Dec 2015
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Category: Sports & Fitness » Strength Sports  |  Work: Other
Keywords: Fitness, strength training, bodybuilding, training, workout, dumbbell, barbell, cardio, cutting, bulking

Natural strength training - TOME 1 - Theory and strategy.

This book is destined to a wide audience. This first Tome wants to introduce and initiate in the world of strength training. I treat strategic and theory points, through 26 chapters, which are key points of knowledge and tools of interest. These key points -if well understood and applied- should be a good breadcrumb trail in order to approach you of your goals. Are however not included in this Volume the exercises, which will be treated in the next writings.
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Bienvenue sur mon profil auteur, je suis P. Wolf, auteur francophone mais je parle et écris également dans d'autres langues. Je rédige des livres et ebooks dans le domaine du sport mais également dans un tout autre registre : des livres de fantasy.

Welcome to my author profile, i am P. Wolf, french speaking author but i like to speak and write also in others languages. I write (e)books in the field of sport but also about a very different topic : fantasy books.

Good read,
Bonne lecture,

P. Wolf

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