Nietzsche: Conquering the Herd Mentality

Nietzsche: Conquering the Herd Mentality

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Author: Rick Huffman
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Written: 2010
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Category: Philosophy » Metaphysics  |  Work: Article
Keywords: nietzsche, master morality, slave morality, herd mentality, ultimate truth, nietzsche asks, frederick nietzsche

The idea of ultimate truth had not been questioned until Nietzsche.

The idea of an ultimate truth echoes throughout the history of philosophy, from Plato's forms to the Christian ideal of God and Heaven. No matter what the tradition, the idea of ultimate truth had not been questioned...until Nietzsche. Nietzsche asks for the first time, "From where did our desire for truth come? Where does he want to lead us?

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Rick Huffman is a veteran of the United States Naval Submarine Service where he was among some of the first Americans to surface on the North Pole. He spent 20 years in television broadcasting and 5 years as a national long-haul trucker. His multiple and varied interests include philosophy as a passionate hobby.

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