A normal life - Volume1 (en)

A normal life - Volume1 (en)

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Author: Sascha Brandt
Length: 92 page(s)
Written: Oct 2015
Sales Rank: - XinXii Sales Rank
Views: 1539

Category: Fiction & Literature » Comics / Cartoons  |  Work: Other
Keywords: furry, anthro, comic, lioness, computer, geek, manga, vixen, feline, cat

«a normal life» is a webcomic about the two female computer geeks Sandra & Sarah

A normal life, a furry webcomic about the two young woman Sandra Lionheart and Sarah Fox, wich have only one thing in mind, computer, video games and movies.
This comicbook containes the comicstrips #1-76, wich were drawn in the years 2002-2008. As little extra, aditional pages are added, wich tell of the life of Sandra, who were drawn specifically for this volume.

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