Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide

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Author: Nick Simon
Length: 256 page(s)
Written: June 2015
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Keywords: Literary Fiction, Dystopia, Novel, Deux Voiliers, biopolitics, politics, Nick Simon, surveillance, Canadian, Vancouver,

Nothing to Hide is a dystopic novel that takes place in Vancouver, Canada.

Set in a screwed-up version of contemporary Vancouver; in a post-epidemic society where the government has become hell-bent on fighting disease, where health is policed and unhealthy behaviour is a a crime, and where people are under total surveillance, Nothing to Hide is a multiple narrative account of a few months in the life of William Potenco, movie buff, social network freak, hard worker. Nick Simon's debut novel is a journey into just what the demands of normality are under a regime addicted to defining all difference as an indication of sickness.

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Nick Simon was born in Ontario, Canada in 1978. He resided for several years in both Winnipeg and Vancouver and has lived and travelled widely in China, Southeast Asia and Europe. Nothing to Hide is his first novel. He currently resides in Berlin, Germany where he spends most of his time writing. When he can't write he reads, and when he can't read or write he goes for walks. When he must he works. He's worked a variety of jobs: University instructor, English teacher, mail room stooge, launderer of stolen goods, dishwasher, cobbler, copy writer, data analyst, et cetera. He prefers sunrises to sunsets.

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