Of "Vampires" and "Lycans"

Of "Vampires" and "Lycans"

The Epic War between Order and Chaos

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Author: Anand Madhu
Length: 58 page(s)
Written: Dec 2015
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Category: Sciences & Research » Social Sciences  |  Work: Review
Keywords: vampire, Lycan, Underworld, Hades, God, Jah, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Satan, fallen angel, Cain, Rama, Kalki, Vishnu, Shiva, Egypt, Syria, Good, Evil, Serpent, snake, Droogie, Aspergian, history, war, conflict, peace, dichotomy, Yin, Yang

Myriads of historic and current mysteries were solved to create a general theory

Unfortunately for the detective of society, the apparent "Powers" (Hitler etc.) everywhere reveal themselves as mere Puppets of other hidden, greater powers behind the scenes. This trend was, however, destined to be reversed by the information age.

Does the blood group of a person have any effect on his temperament and character?
Can we know God, or the various Gods and Demigods, in a tangible level, as agencies rather than concepts?
Who, many or few, really hold power in this world?
Who were behind Christianity?
And then who were behind Islam?
Indians form the largest diaspora in the world; is there some secret about India which even most Indians may not know? What are the best-kept secrets of the Indian elites?
And what are the best-kept secrets of the American elites?
Why was India partitioned into India and Pakistan after World War 2?
Why, really, were the World Wars fought?
Why was Hungary partitioned so brutally in the Treaty of Trianon?
How did Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle decisively change the world?

Are you excited by the idea of knowing the answers to these and the many other such central questions of history?

If yes, then this book is for you!

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