Off the Chain Volume 2

Off the Chain Volume 2

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Author: Euftis Emery
Length: 272 page(s)
Written: Mar 2011
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Category: Sex, Love & Erotic » Erotic Stories  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: African American Erotica, African American Fiction, Erotica, BDSM, Spanking, anthology

Euftis Emery is the male answer to the females Zane. -- Diamond Divas

5.0 out of 5 stars BACK AND BLAZING!!!!!

The E-man is back and blazing in this sizzling series of short stories designed to titillate. Author Emery has lost none of his sex appeal in Volume 2 of Off The Chain; fans will be thrilled to see the return of characters from Off The Chain Volume 1...romping their way through the pages of this novel as well. I loved the steamy, hot scenes, the touch of humor, the prelude and interludes (still with me??).......

Stay close to home while reading this one. You'll need your man, your woman, a cold shower or all three...I'm crowning Euftis Emery the King of Erotica. I'm sure you'll agree.....

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Euftis Emery began writing 'reality based' erotica in 2004 with his first anthology "Off the Chain". Since then he has amassed a cadre of loyal readers. Euftis tells his stories from a male perspective using witty humor separating his work from a big percentage of the erotica market.

If you're looking for erotica that is a little different. Give Euftis a try.

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