Paramore Fan Resource Guide

Paramore Fan Resource Guide

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Author: Linda Franks
Length: 21 page(s)
Written: July 2013
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Your guide for this talented group

Desiring to step further into the music industry, Paramore sent a trial to John Janick, CEO and co-founder of the music label, Fueled by Ramen. John was surprised by their rock appears and chose to go to one of their live efficiencies at Taste of Chaos in Orlando, Florida to see them singing live. Discovering their shining musical talents, John welcomed them for a smaller sized personal performance and signed them to the label in April 2005. Holding the chance to tape-record songs in their hands, Paramore didn't wish to squander their time and began to tape a debut cd. At that stage, Jeremy sadly needed to leave the band mentioning personal reason. Two days after he left, the... 4 staying band wrote a tune called "All We Know" as a tribute to Jeremy's withdrawal. "We chose we were visiting base the album off of that, which is also what the cover means.

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