Infant age to the start of Preschool: Parent and Child Learning togeth

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Written: Sep 2014
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Greater Learning Skills for Infants to Preschool Age.

Times have changed and this simple to read text is helpful in that way.
The times that a parent can’t recapture of a child are the moments that the child experiences for the first time. Every day, there is something new for a child to learn, to communicate with, to create, and to think about. It's one of the most special times for them and their parents. Your child is now attending a day-care center, nursery or playgroup. It's time for them to learn to be independent. Getting involved in activities with him/her would make it valuable and exciting for your child. The early parenting time with children is crucial for all families.
This activity is chosen by theteacher, to specifically reinforce skills of a particular day. Teachers do theexplaining to the child of the type of activity of the day. Children have anopportunity to express their feelings, their thoughts and to create new ideasof their own. A pre-primary child cannot communicate well concerning avocabulary that may not be too well-developed.

By drawing, painting andmodelling of clay playing, this enables the child to cope. A child should alsodifferentiate between shapes, colours, and painting of pictures and to thinkcreatively.

Teachers should allow childrento feel free to draw what they can and want to, the teacher should not showthem how to do it because they would feel that they are unable to do itindividually and in the process may have a low self-esteem.
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