Philosophical Uplifting Quotes

Philosophical Uplifting Quotes

Volume 2

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Author: Benny Bellamacina
Length: 123 page(s)
Written: Nov 2015
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Philosophical Uplifting Quotes volume 2

Sometimes just a few choice words can pull you through the toughest of times

“If you wake up tired,
you’ve been chasing dreams.
If you go to bed tired,
you’re making
your dreams happen.

“If you change who you are
to suit other people,
you may end up dressed
for the wrong occasion

“When the only exorcise
you get
is running for a bus,
get more buses!”

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About the Author

Benny Bellamacina | Author on

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Benny Bellamacina | British songwriter, children's author, established Colossus records and music productions in 1992 with recording studios in London’s Hoxton Square and West End. Writing songs for international recording artists and helping many UK artists on their way to success.
In 2009 “Piddly Poems for children” was published and became a top selling series of books in the UK , used in schools throughout the land. Many books followed including the popular “Philosophical uplifting quotes” “The King of Rhyme”
Benny has been releasing some of his song back catalogue on the “Songs Vs. Cancer” record label for Cancer Research UK. Available on itunes and spotify.

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