A Pirate's Daughter

A Pirate's Daughter

Children of The Dragon - Book 6

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Author: Theresa M. Moore
Length: 123 page(s)
Written: Oct 2012
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Historical  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: fiction, historical_fiction, adventure, horror, pirates, vampire_fiction, vampires

Children of The Dragon - Book 6: A Historical Vampire novel

"Never underestimate the power of love." A tale of tragedy, murder, revenge and vampire romance in the golden age of piracy. Charity Rakham is the daughter of a merchant seaman who finds herself alone when her father and fiance' are killed by the dread pirate Blackbeard and his crew. Sold to a man called Rosenthorne, she learns about life and vampires in short order at his house. Charity finds a friend in his wife Illyana, who is bedridden but independent of spirit. They plot to escape the house together, but Rosenthorne murders Illyana. Now a fugitive, Charity gains her freedom with the help of her enduring courage, a vampire, and a legend. Not a YA book.

The Children of The Dragon vampire series is epic science fiction, myth and history, romance, tragedy and triumph; linked together by the common theme of the vampire as hero.

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About the Author

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Theresa M. Moore is an author, illustrator and publisher with an avid interest in science fantasy adventure, history, mythology, and science; and a skeptical interest in pseudoscience and paranormal research. She publishes her books under the Antellus imprint. Her current projects include the Children of The Dragon vampire series and the Saxon & Hampstead Investigations, Ltd. mythbuster detective series. Moore also writes nonfiction on genre related subjects like history, mythology and science.

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