Poetry In Motion

Poetry In Motion

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Author: Cody Toye
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 60 page(s)
Written: Dec 2013
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Views: 3085

Category: Fiction & Literature » Poetry  |  Work: Poem
Keywords: dark, love, hate, journey, pain, bizarre, wolf, collection,

Three different writers, three different styles, over 40 poems!

A collaboration of poem's from author Chandre Bronkhorst, author Cody Toye and Sophie Phillips. with poem's such as Promise Me a Lie, Moonatic Wolf and Magic. let their words fill your imagination and allow your emotions to run free.

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About the Author

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The love of a child's laughter inspired me to write children's books. With every passing day more and more wonderful visions of worlds yet to be created fill my head. After some time I decided to try my hand at adult fiction and short story writing. Though it is unique in its own way, short stories and horror could not fill the void and my word-crafting obsession is still children's books.

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