Puppy Training Book

Puppy Training Book

The Quick Guide for New Owners

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Author: Daniel Joseph
Length: 46 page(s)
Written: Sep 2012
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Category: Guidebooks » Pets  |  Work: Guidebook
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The quick guide for new owners

So you’ve got yourself a puppy, eh? Oh how adorable! But wait…now you have to train him. Now you have to make sure he doesn’t piddle in the house.

How does that happen? How do people do it!? This is impossible!

Don’t freak out! You can do this! I’ve got here this lovely little book that will teach you the basics of puppy training. Kennel training, house breaking, and obedience training – it’s all here to get you where you need to be. This is the quick guide to puppies. This is what you need to know to keep your house clean and your puppy happy. It’s not as hard as it may seem. Read on, dear puppy owner. Read on.

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