Questions and Answers on Hysterectomy

Questions and Answers on Hysterectomy

Before, during and post surgery

Author: Michèle Bellay
Length: 49 page(s)
Written: Dec 2012
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Keywords: hysterectomy, surgery, sexuality, woman health, health, welness, woman sexuality,

Helping informations for the women who are concerned by an hysterectomy

This book gives informations for all the women who had or will be operated for an hysterctomy.

The informations are detailed dpeneding on you have already been operated or you are going to be. Then the book gives you how to live well after your operation.

This concerns :

- sexuality,
- hygiene,
- sports,
- weight,
- blood circulation,
- médecines or not, or natural remedies
- etc...

This book has the goal to avoid you having stress and begin a new life.

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Customer Reviews (1 review)  
Very interesting Dec 9, 2012
by Michèle Porretta
I have been concerned by hysterectomy and I find this book ebook useful.

Some advices are great ! I would have been better at this time, if I have already read this book. I would have been with less stress. This surgery is so important for woman, especially for questions on sexuality.

Useful and easy to read, a book for all woman, not for medical people, but good help for patients.

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