Quick SEO and Marketing Guide for Real Estate Agents Online

Quick SEO and Marketing Guide for Real Estate Agents Online

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Author: David Trounce
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Written: May 2014
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A Quick look at optimising your Real Estate Website for Good results in Google.

The National Association of Realtor’s suggests that over 90% of buyers start their Real Estate search online.

That makes your SEO and marketing strategy a top priority. Nearly all user enquiries come through organic search and not paid advertising in Google and other similar advertising platforms.

This brief SEO and Marketing Guide for real estate agents and professionals is designed to get you thinking about the most important SEO tasks. I will also show you how to implement them for yourself or hire an SEO Service that understands the online Real Estate market.

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Hi, I’m David Trounce. I am the guy that picks up around here. More than likely, I will be the online marketing consultant who speaks with you about the Battle Plans we talk about on our home page at www.malleeblue.com

I live with my family in Australia and I created Mallee Blue Media because it was what I needed in my first few years in the online e-commerce industry. If such a service existed, I never found it. And so, I created it, and here we are. My hope is that I can help you along in your online passion, just as I needed help (and still do) with mine.

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