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Author: Andrew Saxsma
Length: 228 page(s)
Written: June 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Horror  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Horror, Alcoholism, Supernatural, Andrew, Saxsma, Ghost, blood, Small, Town

Who will answer when you call?

Tilly Parker struggles through work and her mother's watchful eye while dealing with her husband's recent suicide, when on accident, she finds she can circumvent the grief by calling his cell phone and leaving him endearing messages. This false hope, this unhealthy progression mounts to obsession, until one day instead of getting a voicemail, something answers on the other side, something beyond what we can see and feel, something hungry.

Now, plagued by grisly manifestations and a sleepy town that is more than just cornfields and small-minded attitudes, Tilly must now face her dead husband's life-threatening past and battle the monsters he couldn't anymore.

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Andrew is a small town author with big town dreams. With the release of his first novel, Redial, he's one step closer to following his heart.

His style is eclectic and to the point, with some polished flowery imagery for flavoring. His ideas are sharp and grisly and mostly deal with the fringes of reality, the things you hear on dark stormy nights, the things with no names. If the world of Literature was a full-bodied woman, his writing would be the hosiery, tight and fitting, and often times, looked over...but soon, hopefully that will change.

He still works full-time in what he calls "The Real World", hoping one day to make the transition into his dream world of writing, full-time.

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