Rescuing Our Pride from the Arena Zero

Rescuing Our Pride from the Arena Zero

And Causing Sorrow for Tomorrow

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Author: Mohamed Achour
Length: 152 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Feb 2012
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Category: Religion & Spirituality » Religion & Society  |  Work: Erzählung
Keywords: Politics, Current Events, Philosophy, History, Reliogion and Spirituality, Psychology of Religion.

A Reenactment of a Myth with Profound lessons for Governments and Individuals.

As stated in the title, along its developmental curve, a superpower and hegemonic nation develops its own weaknesses. When those feeble points start being manifest on the surface, instead of facing the facts regarding its own weaknesses, such a nation becomes preoccupied with preserving its national pride, which ironically enough results in the development of even more weaknesses.

We have this Biblical story, which will be discussed later, regarding Pharaoh and Moses. It is a basic reenactment of a story with profound lessons for all governments and societies for all time. From it, we can deduce a strong correlation between contemporaneous (U.S.) geopolitical climates and Pharaoh in ancient Egyptian civilization. Pharaoh was not just the name or title of a person; it is a syndrome of grandiosity and a symbol of hegemony. Moses was not just a person; he is the unknown, antithesis force that mirrors the ultimate reality. The first consideration that is brought to the reader’s attention is why we are talking about a supposed myth. The answer is that within these supposedly mythological events we see the reenactment of the same archetypal personalities that are so prominent in our own violent, contemporary period of history.

The second consideration, one that is brought (on a pre-conscious level) to the reader’s attention, is the occurrence of those legendary events not only in the objective world, but also introspectively in the subjective world.

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