Ripple in the Moonlight

Ripple in the Moonlight

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Author: Jeremy Perry
Length: 14 page(s)
Written: May 2013
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Category: Children's eBooks » Young Adult  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: drama, kids, growing up, teen, friendships, adolescence, peer pressure, teen suspense, teen thriller, teen tragedy

Three young men. One tragic, life changing camping trip.

(Short Story)
Three young men are gearing up on the last day of school to embark on what has become a highly anticipated camping trip. However, when poor decisions are made and the envelope is pushed, their outdoor experience turns dark and goes horribly awry, resulting in tragic events that will change their young lives forever.

This ebook is approximately 14 standard book pages.

*This ebook is intended for young adult readers and older.

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Erica King has had a passion for storytelling for many years. Not only does she enjoy writing erotic tales, but she also adores reading hot and steamy stories written by many other inspiring erotica authors. She also enjoys cooking, going to the movies, and everything outdoors. Ms. King resides in Midwestern, USA.

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