Robert Kraft And The NFL Help

Robert Kraft And The NFL Help

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Author: larry margulies
Length: 70 page(s)
Written: Oct 2018
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Keywords: assassinations, news, nfl, patriots, corruption, abuse, child murder

A child who was murdered, a witness came to warn killed, where are real heroes?

A child who was murdered, but before that murder, her father had complained to everyone about investigators during a lost passport investigation threatening his life. or, were these people really hired killers. These so-called investigators used a chemical weapon having tried to frame and kill him. He pleaded with the American State Department to help, and one officer risked everything to tell him that there was a warrant on his life. Additionally someone had manipulated the State Department with misleading information. One of several war heros who came to me was Dave at Cebu's Kukuks Nest with the purple heart medal. Robert Kraft and I met in his kitchen briefly 1979 during a period in this autobiography.

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Asking the public to intervene in assassination attempts.

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