Russian Essential Grammar and Conversational Language

Russian Essential Grammar and Conversational Language

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Author: Artemiy Belyaev
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 132 page(s)
Written: Nov 2016
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Category: Education & Teaching » Foreign Languages  |  Work: Textbook
Keywords: russian, russian language, learn russian, russian for dummies, russian grammar, learning russian, speak russian, russian for beginner, beginner russian

The ultimate handbook for learning the Russian Language

The ultimate handbook for learning the Russian language. The book will walk you through the process of understanding the Russian Essential Grammar and Conversational language. In order to speak Russian, it is not enough to know a bunch of common phrases for using in a restaurant or a hotel, one must know the structure of the language in order to be able to form any sentences and express any thought. This book gives you this opportunity. For the price less than a meal in McDonalds or Starbucks, you can start to learn Russian Language in the most effective and non-complicated way!

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About the Author

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Artemiy Belyaev was born and grew up in Moscow. For the past 3 years, being a student of an university, he has got a high interest in foreign languages and traveling and has learnt English, Spanish, Finnish, Polish. In 2016 Artemiy published his first book "Russian language in 25 lessons" that he wrote using the method he learns languages by.

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