Sailing Adventures in Paradise

Sailing Adventures in Paradise

South Seas Cruising in a Sailboat

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Author: vincent bossley
Length: 135 page(s)
Written: Oct 2012
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Category: Sports & Fitness » Water Sports  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: sailing, sailboat, yachting, adventure, cruising, passagemaking, voyaging

Narrative of two year sailing adventure in the Pacific and South Sea Islands

Narrative chronicling the many adventures of the author over several years cruising in the waters of the Caribbean and then the oceans of the Atlantic and Pacific. Detailing the many incidents, trials and tribulations that arose, most times unexpectedly, and how the crew overcame these adversities with calm purpose and persistence.

Told through the eyes of the boat, it introduces a refreshing and intimate insight of how life at sea on passage for lengthy periods can be a challenge and how also these can be overcome to lead into one of the most wonderful character building adventures to be had today at any age.

The ebook includes 101 dollar saving tips that planning voyagers would never think of brfore leaving port. These tips could save cruisers many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the duration of their adventure of a lifetime voyage.

Essential and most enjoyable reading for all armchair sailors and all those planning to sail off over the horizon into the oceans of this beautiful planet of ours.

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Having sailed my own sailboat into many oceans of this beautiful planet of ours over a four year sailing odyssey, I am passionate about encouraging all those other folk out there dreaming or thinking about their sailing 'adventure of a lifetime', to get started with their planning. There is NO substitute for beginning. My no.1 quote always is: 'You will NEVER regret doing it - but you will ALWAYS regret NOT doing it.

My first book 'Sailing Adventures in Paradise' is a narrative of my four year voyage in and around the Pacific. It covers all of my adventures encountered along the way, problems experienced and how they were overcome, plus descriptions of all the fabulous out of the way ports and places we visited. I enjoyed writing it tremendously and it includes 101 money saving tips for long term passagemakers.

I have since gone on to write two more books, 'Fishing Tales and Other Tales which is a collection of short stories on fishing and boating in New Zealand and the South Pacific, plus a book on health and exercise tips for Baby Boomers and Seniors. I am currently writing a second book of fishing and boating tales.

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