Saito Izumi, She-Devil of the Spanish Main

Saito Izumi, She-Devil of the Spanish Main

A Tale from the Irish Cycle

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Author: David Miller
Length: 27 page(s)
Written: Oct 2015
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: Urban fantasy, historical fantasy, fantasy, vampires, pirates, privateers, 18th century, Florida, saito izumi, david miller

The vampire Saito Izumi, during the 18th century

Saito Izumi, a centuries old vampire has done and been many things. During the late 1700’s she found herself a pirate—excuse me—a privateer on the ship, the Devil’s Rose. In this tale from the Irish Cycle series, Saito must act quickly if she is to save herself and the life of her lover, Privateer Captain William Taylor Howe. But, for every action there is a consequence, as Saito soon discovers—deadly and unholy consequences.

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DAVID MILLER grew up in New York in the early '70s watching Dark Shadows during the day, the Night Stalker at night, and the weekly Creature Feature movie on an old black & white RCA television set every Saturday night with his father. It's no wonder as an adult he now writes stories with fantastical creatures, mystical happenings and occult goings-on, of worlds where anything can happen...and usually does.

Fans of Jim Butcher, Simon Green, Patricia Biggs, and Charlaine Harris will love David Miller's Irish Cycle series.

David can be reached through Dark Road Publishing at
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