Saving Ebony

Saving Ebony

The Story of Ebony Rose

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Author: James Paddock
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 384 page(s)
Written: Apr 2019
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Thriller  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Thriller, Montana, Florida, WITSEC, Murder, Suspense

A plane crash and one survivor, the only target. She's only 8 years old.

Rusty loves Ariana, the only person, outside of his maternal grandmother, he has ever had strong feelings for until he finds an 8-year-old girl trapped in a toilet of a crashed airliner in the remote Bob Marshal Wilderness of Montana; the sole survivor. She says her name is Amber. With several days hike to civilization, Rusty chooses to wait for rescue, but the horse and rider who show up are anything but. The rider wants her dead. Amber admits that her real name is Ebony Rose and she and her mommy were on the run and now so are Rusty and Ariana.

From Montana to Nevada to Los Angeles then Hawaii and Florida, the three take on new names and entirely new personalities in hopes that they can stay below the radar of a hired killer. Are they destined to give up their Montana lives forever or will an unfortunate turn of events have them running again?

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Born 1949 in Butte, Montana, USA, James Paddock spent his youth in Montana's Big Sky Country, graduating Charles M. Russell High School in Great Falls. The following forty-plus years include a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Idaho, service with the U.S. Navy, owner/operator of a small business in South Carolina, a career as a Graphic Designer and a first marriage that produced 3 fine children, who then provided bragging rights for many very fine grandchildren. James is now living in Florida, with his wife, Penny, enjoying the sun and working on his next novel.

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