7 Seminal Moments in Modern Global Security History

7 Seminal Moments in Modern Global Security History

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Author: J. R. Tinkertont
Length: 52 page(s)
Written: Oct 2016
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Category: Business & Politics » Politics  |  Work: Textbook
Keywords: international security, foreign policy, world history, foreign affairs, US foreign policy, military history, Cold War, diplomacy, geopolitics, global security, political science, US defense policy, international relations, political history

These 7 events forever changed the course of world history.

These 7 events – presented in a countdown format - forever changed the course of history.

Spanning more than three centuries, from the Treaty of Versailles to the decline of the US-led global order, 7 Seminal Moments in Modern Global Security traces the evolution of the current geopolitical environment.

Read this wide-ranging and highly accessible overview, informed by years of experience as an observer of international affairs drawing upon history as a guide.

7 Seminal Moments in Modern Global Security History is for anyone interested in global affairs, students, journalists, analysts, risk managers, and serious business people can gain a unique perspective from this clear-eyed assessment of the historical record for insights applicable today.

Tinkerton’s analysis is proof of his keen eye for understanding key developments in geopolitics in this authoritative reference tool for those studying or practicing modern diplomacy.

7 Seminal Moments in Modern Global Security should be read for its sheer historical sweep, insights, and analysis in this comprehensive description of the state of the international security landscape.

All chapters are fully annotated for further reading.

Read 7 Seminal Moments in Modern Global Security for an examination of the most significant issues in global politics today.

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J. R. Tinkerton is a defense and international affairs analyst who has observed and commented on global security affairs for years now.

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