Sex for Salvation

Sex for Salvation

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Author: Adam Weishaupt
Length: 150 page(s)
Written: May 2016
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Category: Sex, Love & Erotic » Seduction  |  Work: Exposé
Keywords: lucifer, kundalini, freud, doors, nietzsche, st augustine, pythagoras, dionysus, orgone energy, wilhelm reich, schopenhauer, jim morrison, orphism, tantric, bacchus, orgone box, nazism and sex, kantian buddhism, pagan sex, orgasm theory, miami gig, diogenes, karezza

Is sex the gateway to enlightenment and transforming society?

The pagan world has always known that sex offers a route to salvation. Abrahamism, on the other hand, has demonised sex and made it dirty and shameful. It's time to get the West back on board with the sexual agenda.

Read about Schopenhauer, the great metaphysician of sex. Learn about his Kantian Buddhism and the mysterious Will that underlies all things and directs our sex drive.

What was Wilhelm Reich "orgasm theory" and what's an "orgone accumulator"? Is the Milky Way the cosmic ejaculation of God? Is the family the source of all sexual neuroses, as Reich maintained? Are we imprisoned in rigid Character Armor?

In a wide-ranging study of sex, the Pythagorean Illuminati, the oldest secret society in the world, discuss Jim Morrison's notorious Miami gig, how to become Midas, and how to shed sexual inhibition. Take an extraordinary sexual journey that stops off at: St Augustine, Diogenes, Luther, Islam, Fascism, the Royal Wedding, Apollo, Dionysus, the Erotic Society, the female Lucifer, kundalini, karezza, and tantric sex.

Did the Christians, notorious misogynists that they are, debate whether woman had souls and whether they could even be considered human? What is the nature of the soul according to Plato? How does Eros power the soul? Is reincarnation enormously more logical than resurrection? What is the ancient religion of Orphism and its significance to the Illuminati?

Do not read this book if you are a closed-minded Abrahamist or a conspiracy theorist. The material provided by the Pythagorean Illuminati is not for petty, cheap, narrow-minded religious fanatics and those who believe in Reptilians.

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