Silence of the Victims & Perpetrators

Silence of the Victims & Perpetrators

1939- 1945

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Author: Heidi Schaffer
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 280 page(s)
Written: Jan 2019
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Historical  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: Second World War - 1939 - 1945 - German Life - Silence about the truth

In memory of my grandmother

The impetus to learn more about how

the civilian population in the time of the 2.

World War II, my grandmother gave me

a few months before her death, she died at 93


8 months before her death she got short term

demented relapses. You start in the middle of

Conversation, very rigid and absent-minded against the wall,

she was somehow in a different time immediately

and world. She spoke to her lost

Son Adolf, whom she fled when she escaped

Silesia and Dresden, just on the roadside

had to let it lie.

And she screamed like crazy and fasting herself

on her entire body. It whimpered and

she cried heartily. She fled then

from Silesia, via Dresden to Thuringia.

They were seven children and you were sick

Father on the cart. They for the most part

alone pushed. Because the grandfather was at the

Wehrmacht. When their relapses were over,

Of course she could not remember

what she has told.

After a long prayer, she told me her

bad stories they have all over

Could not tell years and hard with himself

wore. She just repressed it, but felt good

she does not join in, so her words. she felt

a certain relief when she gave me everything

could tell and feasting Wehrtessen flowed

always the tears. The whole family left

at that time Dresden a day before the big one

Bomb attacks. What luck!

In Dresden came about 300,000 thousand

People, civilians, mostly refugees, ums


Since that time leaves me the topic of the NS

Past just what the civilian population

concerns, not let go.

Why this silence?

Through my research in different

Archives, I'm on little material of the

Civilian population encountered. That the Nazi regime

was very tightly organized, as shown by the

few handwritten records of the

Civilians. Military records

There are already more available. So I have now

some records worked up and

compiled. I also have private individuals

not named. After so many years

you should not have people or families with it

strain. Because we should look ahead

and make sure that never happens again

happens and from this past us

just as Germans still like one

Follow the shadows, just learn.

To make sure that such a brown mop

does not get that much power again. These

Entries and records that the

strictly prohibited at that time

were, whether chronicle or diary.

Can you, on the whole then

Buy Germany! Because every little one

Place, was tightly organized by and everyone was

controlled, manipulated, blinded or betrayed.

In memory of my grandmother


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