Sinking the Jolly Roger

Sinking the Jolly Roger

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Author: Robert Stetson
Length: 21 page(s)
Written: Dec 2013
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Category: Internet » Online Fraud  |  Work: Training course
Keywords: ebook piracy, file complaints, stopping piracy, copyright protection, pirate websites, book searches, copyright

This book takes the reader by the hand and walks them through the process.

Piracy is taking over the Internet. Especially the piracy of Independent Authors who are perceived as being less able to defend their copyright.
This book takes the reader by the hand and walks them through the process of getting their books taken down from pirate sites.
You are not defenseless. There are FREE methods of finding your books on the pirate sites. There are places for reporting to the web licensing sites, the hosting sites and the pirate sites.
This book tells how to obtain the name, address, phone number and what to do with the information.

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