Sissy's Pretty Kitty

Sissy's Pretty Kitty

The Ties That Bind Chronicles

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Author: Lola Swain
Length: 17 page(s)
Written: Oct 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Erotica  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Lola Swain, bisexual, cunnilingus, daddy, erotica, foot licking, girl on girl sex, lactation fantasy, menage a trois, mutual masturbation, pseudofamily, punishment, spanking, stepfamily erotica, submission, taboo, romance, tribbing, voyuerism

Volume 5 of The Ties That Bind Chronicles

Kitten watches people during their most intimate moments. It helps to ease her ever-present ache. She’s also become quite adept at participating in these intimate moments. When she enlists her hot stepsister Jessica in her favorite pastime, getting caught is the last thing on their minds. Their minds (and their hands and their mouths) are occupied with each other. Because the Lawson family continues to live without rules, taboo has no place in her life. And the more the merrier becomes her maxim.

Join Kitten and Jessica on their exploit in Volume 5 of The Ties That Bind Chronicles: Sissy’s Pretty Kitty. Another satisfying read about the lusty Lawson family that will leave you wet, throbbing and sated

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About the Author

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Lola Swain writes erotica & mainstream fiction (yes, both). She is deluded enough to believe Judy Blume wrote with her in mind. Her stories are perfect to read alone, or with that special person in your life...or people, by all means. She loves to hear from her readers! Viva La Kink!

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