Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Fairy Tale Meditation - 01

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Author: Brothers Grimm, Tommi Horwath, Klaus Wintersteller, Susi Ramberg
Length: 1 hour(s) 13 minutes
Written: Dec 2015
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Category: Religion & Spirituality » Meditations & Prayer  |  Work: Other
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Fairy Tale Meditation with Didgeridoomusic

Sleeping Beauty - Fatherly Overprotection
Tommi Horwath and Klaus Wintersteller

A princess who’s being kept away from all possible risks, a king unable to order a thirteenth golden place setting, and many princes who lose their lives at a hedge of thorns. When one is not permitted to gain one's own experience, life will become so dull that one ends up sleeping for 100 years. Therefore, modern princes would do better swinging a to-go-beaker rather than a sword, as the hedge will hence open on its own.

So, dear Sleeping Beauty: Shoulder your spinning wheel, take your prince in tow, and find it: your luck – YOUR luck!

„We’ve decided to declassify the tales and permit their use in order to heal the soul of humankind.“ (D. Grimm – decendant of the Grimm Bros)

Fairy Tale Meditation 73min
© Erzählwerkstatt 2014
Voice: Tommi Horwath
Translation: Susi Ramberger
Soundtrack: Klaus Wintersteller
Fairy Tale read in its original version by Grimm Bros.

Recording Studio:Goats in Gumboots
Sound Mixer: Jannis Frangkoulis
Grafik: Paola Kosch

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