So, you want to remain poor?

So, you want to remain poor?

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Author: JB Malatji
Length: 78 page(s)
Written: Apr 2016
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Category: Finance & Stocks » Saving Money  |  Work: Guidebook
Keywords: personal finance, financial freedom, financial literacy, financial skills, money matters, money myths, financial foundation, savings and investments, financial statements, poverty not an option, wealth creation, financial success, financial health, financial empowerment, financial understanding, financial acumen, financial wisdom, financial know-how

In pursuit of financial freedom? This guide will show you how.

“So, you want to remain poor?” is a unique basic financial skills guide for those seeking financial freedom. The book outlines simple approaches to personal financial health by highlighting important building blocks necessary for building a solid financial foundation

In today’s fast-paced world, it is becoming extremely difficult for those financially illiterate to keep pace with both the economic and financial demands. The need to improve and sharpen one’s financial skills has never been so relevant.

“So, you want to remain poor?” is an ingenious personal financial skills self-help guide designed to enable readers to navigate the maize field of financial obstacles and jargon in their pursuit of personal financial freedom.

“So, you want to remain poor?” demystifies the money myths that often entangle our belief systems and the book empowers readers to break free by providing them with the basic personal financial development skills that enable readers to build solid financial foundations. In the process readers’ financial literacy skills are improved and developed. A clear distinction between savings and investments as vehicles for income generation is made in this comprehensive yet simple to understand and unique self-help guide.

“So, you want to remain poor?” explains in simple terms the basic finance language and jargon to enable readers to engage in money matters. The book empowers readers to have a firm grip in understanding financial statements and their analysis so that they could make informed investment decisions.

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About the Author

JB Malatji | Author on

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JB Malatji is a married father of two, an author, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a business and management consultant. He is passionate about people development and is inspired by the resilient nature of the human spirit, potent with power unimaginable to achieve things that even those possessing it cannot begin to fathom.

JB Malatji always encourages his audience to choose paths that will result in their pursuit of purpose, the determination for success in life, to always tap into the power of forgiveness to unleash their potential to be great, and learn skills relating to triumphs over tragedies.

JB Malatji has written three books, one on personal financial development, one on business development, and one fiction on adventure and survival. After all of what benefit is success without a good caring character?

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