The Movies Most Critics Won’t Write About

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One opinion. 8,000 film reviews (or thereabouts).

First video and more recently the internet with its streaming videos and not strictly legal peer-to-peer capabilities. With so many sources available, today’s fan of horror and exploitation movies isn’t necessarily educated on paths well-trodden, such as Universal and Hammer. They may not even be born and bred on DAWN OF THE DEAD. Anyone with a bit of technical savvy (quickly becoming second nature for the born-clicking generation) may be viewing MYSTICS IN BALI and S.S. EXPERIMENT CAMP long before ever hearing of Bela Lugosi or watching a movie directed by Dario Argento.

SPINEGRINDER is one man’s ambitious, exhaustive and utterly obsessive (1,100 pages!) attempt to make sense of over a century of exploitation and cult cinema, of a sort that most critics won’t care to write about. One opinion; 8,000 reviews (or thereabouts). 1,100 pages!



Clive Davies was born and raised in South Wales. A movie and horror fan from a young age, a relocation to Tokyo in 1999 left him with enough spare time to see all those movies he had always wanted to see, and to start writing reviews of them. This became the core of the Spinegrinder movie guide. Other than that, Clive amuses himself by overacting shamelessly for reconstruction dramas on Japanese tv, teaching English, collecting paperbacks, making music and battling the modern diseases that plague so many people: comfort eating, alcohol abuse and pornography addiction. He also likes cats.

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