Spoiling for Another Fight

Spoiling for Another Fight

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Author: Lance Vencill
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 186 page(s)
Written: Feb 2014
Sales Rank: - XinXii Sales Rank
Views: 2723

Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: fantasy, contemporary fantasy, paranormal romance, demigods and monsters, greek mythology, greek, shapeshifter, thriller, supernatural thriller, olympus

A thrilling adventure of greek demigods and monsters

In this amazing sequel to Spoiling for a Fight, the greek demigod Jason must help his comrades destroy a monster hotspot. A bizarre gym that hides more danger than he could ever imagine. Furies, gorgons, and worse block their way in. A dreadful choice by the right girl on the wrong side might save them all – or lead to their very destruction.

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About the Author

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Widely traveled, Lance Vencill spends as much time studying life as he does writing gripping tales of sword and sorcery. From the giant redwoods of California to the deserts of Israel, his thrilling stories all draw on first-hand experiences and expand them with the fantastic and his acclaimed creativity.

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