Stan the Treeclimbing Inchworm

Stan the Treeclimbing Inchworm

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Author: Michael B.
Length: 36 page(s)
Written: Feb 2015
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Category: Children's eBooks » Literature / Fiction  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: adventure, children, kids, forest, trees, fiction, bugs, insects, frog, forest, tall tale, legend, myth, folklore, outdoor, fight

An adventure story about an inchworm named Stan who loves to climb trees.

Stan the Inchworm climbs trees: enormous Douglas Firs, the tallest trees in the forest. At the top, he discovers wonder and spectacular views. But when one too many enchanting trips turns into a tide of nasty criticism, Stan embarks on a quest to find another woodland creature to back him up. Along the way, he encounters snarky spying Katydids, a troop of gelatinous Termites and a Treefrog with some stories to tell. A tall tale in three parts, Stan the Treeclimbing Inchworm is a reading journey focused on cultivating the bravery to follow one’s own path. There are great lessons to be learned at the tops of tall trees. Stan is here to show you.

A fiction book for ages 7 to 12 featuring 17 full color illustrations by Luvid Gutier.

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Michael B. write Tall Tales for children of all ages.

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