Still a Nice Guy

Still a Nice Guy

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Author: Phil Torcivia
Length: 324 page(s)
Written: Jan 2011
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Category: Sex, Love & Erotic » Relationships  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: relationships, funny, women, humor, comedy, men, dating, marriage, divorce, love, sex, hilarious

Laugh as a divorced man struggles to learn what women want.

Dating is a humorous struggle for a recently divorced man who has no clue what women want. Laugh along as Phil fights his way through the treacherous dating scene in Southern California and documents his attempts at finding love.

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Torcivia is a divorced man who transplanted himself from Pennsylvania into the treacherous dating pool in Southern California. His feline companions, Syd and Symon, share his home in San Diego and an occasional dish of leftover tuna. Torcivia loves nothing better than bellying up to the bar with his favorite social lubrication (wine) and watching the bizarre mating rituals of the locals, which he translates into humorous essays. He has been single long enough to be involved in a few train wrecks of his own, admitting that he's "one relationship disaster away from a third cat."

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