Tales of the Whirling Rainbow

Tales of the Whirling Rainbow

Myths & Mysteries for Our Times

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Author: Steven McFadden
Length: 42 page(s)
Written: Dec 2010
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Category: Lifestyle & Fashion » Mind & Spirit  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: myth, legend, whirling rainbow, 8th fire, maya, lakota, sunbow, UN, house of mica, native, native american, healing

A journalist’s account of some of the key myths at work in the world

Tales of the Whirling Rainbow is a journalist’s account of some of the key myths and mysteries of the Americas, and an electrifying exploration of how those myths are resounding in real time.

Veteran journalist Steven McFadden weaves the living myths together seamlessly in a tightly written book that is eye-opening, and soul resonant.

Drawn from sources both ancient and modern, Tales of the Whirling Rainbow conveys adroit insights into key facets of North America’s unfolding saga. Learning to respect these knowings is fundamental to our spiritual growth and progress on the land going forward in time.

As the Sun awakens and earth changes intensify, our human lives attain high velocity. At this time and in this manner, elders across Turtle Island (North America) told the author, the human beings who are the different colors and faiths of the world will be moved. This will create opportunities to heal their web of relationships.

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I've been a journalist for nearly 40 years, and have had the good fortune to meet and travel with great spiritual teachers from many of the world's traditions. It is my honor and my pleasure to offer these books.

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