Technical Writing for Business and Engineering Professionals

Technical Writing for Business and Engineering Professionals

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Author: Akram Najjar
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 262 page(s)
Language: English
Written: May 2012
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Category: Business & Politics » Management  |  Work: Fachbuch
Keywords: Technical writing, report writing, business reports, technical editing, argumentation, persuasion, convincing, language skills, effective writing, efficient writing, fallacies, logical errors, page layout, structuring documents, document components, writing process, writing project, writing tasks.

Pragmatic tech writing for practicing writers to apply effective methods.

This eBook focuses on writing as a process (avoiding the specific aspects of project management that are outside the scope of the book). Writing can consist of a task covering a few days or a team based effort of a few months

On completing the presentation of the 9 activities in such a process, the book addresses 6 major sections:
1) how to structure documents,
2) how to develop effective and efficient documents,
3) improving your writing skills,
4) improving your argumentation and persuasion skills,
5) the uses and misuses of language and
6) how to make technology work for you.
An appendix discusses the project related activities in the writing process.

The eBook is supported by a set of folders that can be downloaded. These consist of workouts, templates, various examples and original images that are too large to be seen properly in an eBook (which has to be viewed on wide monitors as well 7 inch tablets).

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Akram Najjar is an engineer currently working as a Business Technology Consultant. He completed a B. Sc. in physics and mathematics at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon (1966). He took another B. Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire in England (1969).
Akram spent the first part of his career managing software development companies in Lebanon and the Arabian Gulf. By 1995, he concentrated on contractual work: IT Consulting, Business Process Reengineering, Project Management, Process Mapping, Data Analysis, Frameworks for Software Development and Technical Writing. He worked with various international organizations such as the World Bank, UNDP and the EU. In parallel with his consulting work, Akram focused on management training developing and conducting workshops for the above subjects. This and other books on his site are based on the experience acquired in these workshops.
The three types of books Akram writes (fiction, technical and puzzles) can be traced back to one incident when he was 12. His teacher introduced him to “Scientific American”. His name was David W. Miller. Mr. Miller’s whereabouts are not known today. But he is to be thanked and thanked again. The articles were above Akram’s head but his love for astronomy made the magazine fascinating. That eventually led him to study Physics and Mathematics. Coincidentally, the Greek Myths that were used to name the constellations got him interested in Literature, a love that led him to write fiction at a later date.
Akram also got hooked on the Mathematical Games column by Martin Gardner which was the reason Akram was set firmly in Puzzledom. Later on, it was second nature to him to work in software as a career. Software is an abstract practice that is full of puzzles whether you are designing, programming or debugging.

His eBooks are presented on two website. The site covers technical and literary books. All puzzles and games are presented on XinXii is the only distributor of Akram's books. They have kindly distributed the books to various online retaliers.

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