Ten original jokes about nature

Ten original jokes about nature

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Author: Herwin D. Robergeau
Length: 7 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Jan 2018
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A booklet of jokes about nature

Joke number 2: “The turtle and the zebra”

A wicked turtle asks a zebra, “Why do you wear a prisoner clothing?” The zebra replies, “Why were you sentenced to carry your house on your back for the rest of your life?”

Joke number 3: “The Vultures”

Two vultures are feeding on a sheep’s corpse that emits a pestilential smell. After releasing a resounding burp, one of the vultures said to the other, “I don’t understand how the French can eat these cheeses that smell terribly strong like Vieux Boulogne, Pont l'Évêque and Camembert!”

Joke number 5, “The geneticists and the cat eye”

Two fellow geneticists, Paul and Amanda, each bought a night vision device called “cat eye”. This device makes it possible to see at night in order to observe the behavior of some nocturnal animals. At the end of two years, Paul has been using his cat eye so much that the device doesn’t work properly anymore, and it is unrepairable. Amanda has never used her cat eye and keeps it under a little glass bell like an ornament. One day, Paul takes advantage of a visit to Amanda and borrows the cat eye of Amanda without asking permission. The next day, Amanda, who suspects Paul of having taken her device, asks him, “Do you have an idea who took my cat eye?” Paul responds to Amanda, "You know very well that over time, any organ that is not used disappears!”

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Herwin D. Robergeau is an agricultural engineer who loves good jokes.

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