The 2nd Book of Wisdom

The 2nd Book of Wisdom

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Author: Klaus Wirtz
Length: 86 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Apr 2015
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Category: Religion & Spirituality » Meditations & Prayer  |  Work: Sonstiges
Keywords: Wisdom, Inner peace, true Love, Meditation, loose fears

The Book of Wisdom, Inner peace, True Love

I have long wondered whether I should write this book and publish it. Since the "Book of Wisdom", the beginning of "The 2nd Book of Wisdom" and its completion is my development, my knowledge and how it is applied progressed many times.
Wisdoms are generally always right and always wrong. It is the question of the respective state of development of the individual and his willingness to recognize, to examine them honestly and implement.
In some wisdom, especially from the first book, a smile creeps in my face when I see where I was in the meantime and yet they were to this date very important because they have opened the door to further and higher knowledge.
It is always difficult (It's always so hard or easy as you would in his view makes) that they are understood, because we are human and readers so different to explain findings so. Differences in the way, how far it is, experience and willingness.
Although the goal is the same in the end, if you look at the already is, consciously or not.
For the person who is in so far as the implementation or the understanding of individual truths mean fewer difficulties than for the wrestling even after his path.

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Ich bin 1959 und verheiratet. Sri Lanka ist meine 2. Heimat. Mittlerweile bin ich auch Grossvater. Mein Weg durch Höhen und Tiefen des Lebens hat mich dem Buddhismus nahe gebracht. In Stundenlangen Meditationen habe ich meinen inneren Frieden gefunden und den Bewußtseinszustand der wahren Liebe erreicht

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