The Alien Among Us

The Alien Among Us

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Author: Illuminati Chairman
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 109 page(s)
Written: Apr 2019
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Other
Keywords: illuminati, alien, government, CIA, NSA, spy, intelligence agencies, KGB, military, war, autobiography, biography, ET, extra terrestrial

An factional autobiography of an alien on earth and his perspectives of humans.

Perhaps one of the most important and shocking books ever published. Written in a faction (fiction based on fact) format by the alien himself detailing his upbringing and life in a human family and afterwards. Discover and learn how he deals with the human species and his thoughts regarding them. Persecuted and tortured by human governments once they found out about him and genetically confirmed his identity, and then later released him into the general population (although constantly monitored and in controlled conditions) after they discovered his kind intent and sympathy towards them and his desire to help the human race. Everybody is watching how humanity will react to this book.

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The author is a former high-level Diplomat (Ambassador At Large and Consulate General) that has worked with personnel from numerous prominent intelligence agencies including personnel from MI6 the British agency that deals with monetary affairs amongst other things, and has had dealings with personnel from the CIA, the NSA, the KGB and others on human related projects.

He has spent a significant amount of time within banking and diplomatic circles at the highest levels, and has had dealings with numerous Heads of State, and Government Central Bank Chairman’s, as well as Ministers of Finance, including the Chairman of the Central Bank of Europe, the Governor of the Caribbean Central Bank, The Governor of the Bank of the Bahamas, and numerous others as well, and he has had an entire Government Cabinet with its Head of State as guests aboard his private yacht, and a private dinner with a foreign Head of State and his entire cabinet in Washington, he has attended the US Senators ski cup in Park City Utah, and had Dinner with numerous US senators and Congressmen, and attended President Ronald Reagans private birthday party with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in attendance. Has had a Head of State as an overnight guest at his private villa in Switzerland.

Many of these relations were close personal relationships and friendships.

The author has traveled to 40 countries on one of his private jets or private helicopters during this process and maintained 2 private mansions both of which the value exceeded 25,000,000 (twenty-five million Euros) each.

The author was secretly recruited at age 12 by the Illuminati and is the current Chairman of the Illuminate Counsel and was genetically engineered by their former Chairman to have certain enhancements that they desired, superior intelligence, self-regenerative abilities, mind reading, 4th dimensional capabilities, and other things and groomed all his life for his current role as the new illuminati Chairman

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