The Arrival

The Arrival

A Novel

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Author: J W Brazier
Length: 449 page(s)
Written: June 2015
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Keywords: fiction, thriller, mystery, Palestine, war, martial law, evil

Beneath a cloak of darkness and mystery, it has arrived...

Beneath a cloak of darkness and mystery, it has arrived… Palestine: 1948—With the winds of war fast approaching, an unscrupulous archaeologist finally finds the remains of the man he’s been searching for… unwittingly releasing an ancient evil on the world. White River, Arkansas: 2019—The small town awakens one morning to find itself ground zero of a joint UN-US terrorist training exercise. Residents face martial law, a cashless economy, and a host of ruthless leaders seemingly bent on making the maneuvers more than just a military operation. Outraged citizens begin to rise up and fight back, but it soon becomes clear that something evil has arrived in White River… A darkness unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

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About the Author

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J W Brazier----resides in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas with his wife for twenty-eight years. They have four grown children. Following his naval service in the Vietnam War, he focused his college studies in California and Alabama on mass communications. A multitude of exciting life and work experiences—including acting, business ownership, and licensed maritime engineer at sea and upon inland rivers—fuel and inspire his writing. He is currently drafting other intriguing works. The Arrival is his first novel.

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