The Art of Negotiation

The Art of Negotiation

Zada won't go quietly.

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Author: J.A. Marlow
Length: 35 page(s)
Written: Aug 2011
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Views: 7255

Category: Fiction & Literature » Short Stories  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: loss, scifi, adventure, revenge, job, science fiction, dreams, widow, sf, layoffs, negotiation, novelette, job loss, arbitration, old friend, rediscovery, severance

The ISC Corporation is about find that Zada won't go quietly.

After overseeing the downsizing of a construction facility at Arcturus, Zada Harper comes face-to-face with a friend from her past... whom she just helped lay off.

Before she knows it Zada finds herself the next target of the ISC Corporation layoffs. She is suddenly without a job and forced into automatic arbitration for a severance settlement. But Zada won't go quietly. She will make sure the ISC feels the sting of her departure.

An 8825 word science fiction novelette by J.A. Marlow.

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It's said I was launched into space from birth and I haven't been back to Earth since.

There might be some truth in that.

As a reader I love science fiction with great plots, interesting characters, exotic locales, all accompanied by a sense of wonder with optimistic endings. As a writer, I love the same.

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