The Backwards Day

The Backwards Day

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Author: Lila Ladybug
Length: 53 page(s)
Written: Nov 2014
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: the backwards day, Lila Ladybug, fantasy, adventure, aliens, mystery, dogs, teens, magic, funny, weird, english, suspense, laughter

A story of mystery and adventure

What if a day goes backwards?
What if Theo is not a dog anymore but a human?
What if Rebecca, the owner of Theo, transforms into a small, pretty dog?
And these unknown beings? Whence sprang and what they want?

Unknown beings upset the everyday life of a sweet, playful dog named Theo and his owner Rebecca!
A magical influence is enough to cause chaos in their everyday lives.
Is it possible that Theo and Rebecca manage to regain their old self and their old life
struggling through a new reality and making a race against time?

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Educator and author, Lila Ladybug is passionate about two things: children and storytelling. When she’s not teaching creative lessons to her elementary students, Lila is writing imaginative stories that capture the essence of childhood. Readers of her work are instantly immersed into a world of captivating storylines, inventive characterizations and beautiful illustrations. Lila’s personal admiration for nature and animals is also a fascinating motif in her stories.

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