The Cat and The King

The Cat and The King

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Author: Robert Welles Ritchie
Length: 54 page(s)
Written: Mar 2012
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Historical  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: The Cat and The King, Robert Welles Ritchie, Japan, Korea, history, historical fiction, Orient, Russia, 1912, The Popular Magazine, espionage, historical, fiction

What went on when Japan took Korea is told in this footnote to history.

Japan took Korea—that is the bare fact. What went on under the surface is told in this footnote to history.

The great things that happened in the Orient when Russia was driven back and the iron hand of Japan fell heavily on Korea are matters of history. Only the big outstanding facts, however, became known. What went on beneath the surface has been for the most part a closed book. In this story you get a side light on the machinations of the wily Jap, a new chapter in history written by a man who was on the scene at the time and who knows whereof he speaks. It is hard for us of the practical West to know the superstitious peoples in the Land of the Morning Calm. Mr. Ritchie's story will help you to a better understanding of them.

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