The Clouds of Beverly Hills

The Clouds of Beverly Hills

A story of a child sex and prostitution ring in Beverly Hill

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Author: Dr. Pierre A. Kandorfer
Length: 270 page(s)
Written: June 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Mystery & Crime  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Thriller, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, drama, suspense, sex, crime, drugs, porn, gay, lesbian, child sex, pedophile, police, lifestyle, Pierre Kandorfer, family, illegal, Mexico, Cancun, fashion, best read, touching, book, left wing, liberal, ACLU

This book is a classic Beverly Hills/Hollywood lifestyle thriller

This novel is a classic Beverly Hills/Hollywood lifestyle thriller. It delivers all suspense type ingredients, twists, and turns of a highly touching family drama.

When Jane, a thirteen year old Beverly High student, inexplicably catches AIDS, her family is turned upside down. The textbook-like police work points to liberal ‘everything goes’ parties and an international child sex-ring. From here, the story becomes a roller coaster for everybody involved.

Jane is abducted and ends up in a Mexican sex slavery brothel. The detectives face gigantic odds, but keep trying to rescue Jane. There isn’t much hope, unless they try something they’ve never done before.

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About the Author

Dr. Pierre A. Kandorfer | Author on

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Dr. Pierre A. Kandorfer taught film and television production for years in Europe. His bestseller “Textbook of Filmmaking” - now on the market in the 7th edition (published by Schiele & Schön in Berlin) - is considered one of the most successful educational film books on the European market.

Initially a newspaper editor, TV anchor and reporter, the author wrote several media and other books. He also wrote, produced, directed and hosted hundreds of nationwide TV programs - as well as several movies for TV distribution.

Pierre Kandorfer won several film awards, founded EuroChannel Broadcasting and is considered a leading media and communications expert. For more information visit

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