The Comedies of Despair

The Comedies of Despair

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Author: Blake Ryder
Length: 88 page(s)
Written: Feb 2019
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Short Stories  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: despair, pornography, violence, drugs, sex,

Stand-Up Comedy in the Abyss

Pornography has a distinct literary and iconographic history: it is the antithesis of Christian “civilization” in its anarchic equation of humanism with individual sexual self-expression. As it reveals a humanist truth inherently threatening to Christianity (that which persists in political power under the rhetorical and hypocritical “family values”) Christianity must suppress it in order to validate Theist absolutism. Hence, influence by Western civilization’s adoption of Patriarchal Christianity in particular, “pornography” was heavily coded by a repulsive Patriarchal gender socialization in which Biblical Law necessitating the subordination of women to men. Christianity institutionalized and validated rape.
Pornography, shorn of the feminist and Christian “definitions” it had been saddled with, epitomized true moral relativism in the absence of Theist absolutist proscriptions on acceptable sexual conduct: at its essence, pornography represented human sexuality as humanist exploration and defiant self-assertion against Jesus Christ and God, a bizarre confluence of what Foucault in The History of Sexuality delineated as the “scientia sexualis” and a heretical “ars erotica”. Inherently a form of speech thus, and a resoundingly complex one at that, it too therefore was, to me, worthy of consideration as post-modern “construct”.

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From the bowels of secular humanism's abyss, Blake Ryder emerged alive but not unscathed. Well-educated, this nihilistic-atheistic author developed a cult reputation with vivid, sexually explicit fiction exploring the humour of moral desolation and despair. His e-books take him from spoken word performance in seedy nightclubs to the wonders of digital publishing. Though Ryder avoids interviews and relishes anonymity, he describes himself as a "pornographized post-modernist".

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