The Concept and the Meaning of I(i)nternational R(r)elations

The Concept and the Meaning of I(i)nternational R(r)elations

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Author: Anton Casian
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Written: Nov 2015
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Keywords: Jeremy Bentham, David Davies, Andrew Carnegie, Ludwig Wittgenstein

I propose: two versions and meanings of the concept I(i)nternational R(r)elation

Along with the end of Cold War and the global Internet revolution, the concept of ‘international relations’ began to be used intensively in public space. It became so popular that passed academic debating borders or foreign policy news section. We see it used in the daily speech of ordinary people. Those people who wanted a deeper and clearer understanding searched for a concept of ‘international relations.’ Soon they found themselves in the position to face several versions that caused a terminological confusion.
In this paper I will explore the concept of I(i)nternational R(r)elations, hoping that I will eliminate the existent terminological confusion. In so doing, in this paper I propose two versions and two meanings of the concept I(i)nternational R(r)elations.

Through this paper: (i) I add and contribute to the existing literature that discusses the concept; (ii) I contribute to the historical development of the interdiscipline.

If you started reading this paper, it means that it is time to look with greater clarity and objectivity to all the elements of a concept, in our case of I(i)nternational R(r)elations. To see it as it is and as it should be used.

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Hans S. Benmann is an analyst in world politics. He holds a MA and BA in International Relations and hopes to live in a World State.

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