The Concept of Real Estate Matching: Brokerage Made Easy

The Concept of Real Estate Matching: Brokerage Made Easy

Real estate brokerage with an innovative real estate matching portal

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Author: Matthias Fiedler
Length: 52 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Dec 2016
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Keywords: real estate brokerage, real estate matching, real estate matching portal, app, api, real estate agent, real estate ageny software

Worldwide Real Estate Matching:real estate brokerage - Billion $ sales potential

This book explains a revolutionary concept for a worldwide real estate matching portal (app) with a calculation of the considerable sales potential (Billion Dollar), which is integrated into a real estate agency software including real estate assessment (Trillion Dollar sales potential).
This means that residential and commercial real estate, whether owner-occupied or rented, can be brokered efficiently and in a time-saving manner. It is the future of the innovative and professional real estate brokerage for all real estate agents and property owners. Real estate matching works in almost all countries and even across countries.

Instead of “bringing” properties to the buyer or renter, with a real estate matching portal, potential buyers or renters can be qualified (search profile) and then matched and linked to the properties offered by the real estate agents.
(understand the issues, intensive thinking, solve big problems, look what is possible, it starts always with your thoughts, be disruptive, think radically, think again, think new, be smart)

Title: The Concept of Innovative Real Estate Matching: Real Estate Brokerage Made Easy

Subtitle: Real Estate Matching: Efficient, easy and professional real estate brokerage with an innovative real estate matching portal

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Matthias Fiedler | Author on

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The author conceived and developed the idea described here for an innovative real estate matching process in 2011.
The author has been involved in the real estate business since 1998 (including real estate brokerage, buying and selling, assessing, rental, and property development). He is a realtor (IHK), real estate economist (ADI) and certified expert in real estate valuation (DEKRA) as well as a member of the internationally recognized real estate association of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS).

Matthias Fiedler

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