The Dead Web

The Dead Web

Stasis Center Book 2

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Author: David Robinson
Length: 113 page(s)
Written: July 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Horror  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: horror, sci-fi, zombie, time travel

Flix is free and back in the 21st century

Flix is free! He has escaped the inescapable prison. Now he has the whole of space and time at his disposal and he is determined to build his army of zombies.

When he attacks a Cumbrian TV Transmitter in 2010, tkaing over the body of the chief engineer, he fights off attacks from the police and the military, taking more bodies for his zombie army. Meanwhile, pushing stasis energy through the mast, he begins to link transmitters into a web that gradually covers the skies of northern England, an energy web that can strike at the living at any time or place.

Stasis Center Special Agents Mia Nellis and Nick Holt travel through time to stop him. They're treading on thin ice, cautious not to change history, but they must also overcome the suspicion of the military and police, and on no account can they allow their 31st century technology to fall into 21st century hands.

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Freelance writer and novelist, former adult edcuation teacher, former hypnotherapist, a lunatic 3rd age rocker with a huge sense of fun, David Robinson is one of the most prolific self-published writers of mystery, whodunits, sci-fi and horror. He lives Manchester, UK with his wife and crackpot dog called Joe.

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