The English National Character and Unconsious

The English National Character and Unconsious

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Author: Gebhard Deißler
Length: 71 page(s)
Written: Feb 2014
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Category: Philosophy » Anthropology  |  Work: Study
Keywords: English national character, English national unconscious, taiheki, French national character and unconscious, English versus German business communication, organisational behaviour, human mental infrastructure, Anglistik, English culture and behaviour research, intercultural management research

English, French & German culture comparison based on taiheki & culture research

This study consists of 3 parts. Although parts 1 and 2 are written in German, while only part 3 is written in English, it is likely to also be of interest to a non-native German speakers' audience.

The study applies the fairly unfamiliar taiheki system to uncover English and French national characteristics that usually elude conscious awareness, although they govern behaviour.

Additionally, English and German business communication is compared, based on a personal intercultural research project involving a sample of British and German managers. This part applies state-of-the-art intercultural research, while the research report is in English.

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