The Essence of Living Simply

The Essence of Living Simply

An ecofriendly and cost-conscious guide using essential and fragrant

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Author: Jane Wilks
Length: 140 page(s)
Written: Aug 2015
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Category: Lifestyle & Fashion » Wellness  |  Work: User guide
Keywords: using essential oils, aromatherapy oils, how to use essential oils, fragrant oils, making your own cleaning products, green living, aroma oils, Lavender oil, cleaning tips with essential oils, how to use herbs at home, herbs and aromatic oils, how to live more simply, simple living

A guide to show you how to enhance your daily life with the use of aromatic oils

A refreshing and informative guide on how you can benefit materially, physically and psychologically from using essential and fragrant oils in your everyday life.
It includes many simple hints with around one hundred recipes. These include making your own cleaning and beauty products at home through to pet care, gardening and cooking.
There are step-by-step instructions on making beautiful aromatic gifts for your family and friends.

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About the Author

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Jane Wilks is an established author and lives in New Zealand with her husband and family. As owner of aromatic oils company Herb Heaven, she has written several books on oils, scent and herbs.

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