The Flirtations of Dan Harris

The Flirtations of Dan Harris

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Author: Ryan Humphreys
Length: 183 page(s)
Written: Jan 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Romance  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Travel, Bangkok, Thailand, Fiction, Women, Laos, Adventure, Asia; Romance

When Dan Harris, tortured by thoughts of having abandoned his child, impulsively

When Dan Harris, tortured by thoughts of having abandoned his child, impulsively hops on a train and travels around Thailand he begins a journey that irrevocably changes his life. Unknown to Dan, on the train are the very people he will meet on his travels.

There is Jim, a fugitive American fleeing Thailand at all costs; Gok, an abused Thai woman trapped in a slave-like marriage to a German watch repairman; Angela, a startlingly beautiful but disturbed South African traveler with a terrible secret and her friend (or lover?), Julie, a sweet Welsh woman with an irresistible proposition for Dan. And finally there is Graeme, a mystic Scottish Clairvoyant with stylish red shoes who knows more about Dan’s past than seems possible.

These peculiar, sometimes intense, and often comical interactions with his fellow travelers help Dan put his life back together again. However, just as his life seems to have direction, Dan falls for the hypnotic beauty of a disturbed young woman and their highly passionate encounter forces Dan to make a startling decision, one that has unforeseen consequences on his family, his morals and those he cares about the most.

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Ryan is a 30-year-old Canadian from Vancouver. He has lived in Bangkok for five years and is currently a teacher at a Bangkok International school.

In the past two years he has written travel articles published in Kansai Time Out (Osaka, Japan), Go World Travel Magazine and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Ryan is currently completing a second book, set in Southeast Asia, about a man's search for his daughter.

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